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Sebastian and Ciel were going on another one of their business trips but this time you were invited to go with them. You were interested on what the young master did while gone because you knew what the other servants did while they were gone...
"please _____! Don't go!" Finny, Mey-rin and bard begged. "We'll destroy the whole mansion if you're gone!" 
You shook your head and sighed, "All of you are hopeless..."
You closed your trunk and turned to look at them.
"All you need to do is not mess anything up. Mey-rin do not touch any of the dishes, Bard don't use any of you damned weapons and Finny please be more careful with your strength..."
They all nodded and you smiled, giving them all a hug before you left to help the young and Sebastian.
Once you got out of the manor you ran over to the carriage, feeling that creepy gaze. Sebastian smiled as he saw you coming. Ciel was in the carriage already so he gave you a quick kiss before helping you in the carriage as well to keep the young master company.
After hours of carriage riding you finally made it to master ciel's other house. Ciel got out of the carriage and strode to the door only to be tackled by unexpected guests.
"ciel!" Yelled a male Indian voice.
"gah get off of me!" Ciel growled trying to pry himself away.
you stared at them trying not to laugh as the Indian princes' butler smiled not even trying to convince his master to leg go. Sebastian walked over to finally save Ciel after his fill of entertainment.
"I believe it's time for you to let go of my master now..."
Soma immediately stepped away from ciel and stood by Agni who kept smiling.
"thank you prince Soma." 
You walked over to them and bowed to the guests.
prince Soma broke into a smile and greeted you.
"hello miss butler!"
you looked at him in confusion but smiled.
You knew he called you that because of your suit but really? Miss butler... Sebastian chuckled slightly as your eye twitched but you still kept your smile. When you were introduced to Agni you were less irritated because of his calm and pleasant personality.
That night after the young master went to bed you couldn't sleep. The harsh gaze had followed you. You knew Sebastian would be up so you walked to his room. You bumped into Agni who just happened to be meditating with his door open.
"hello ms. Butler." He greeted witha sweet and calm smile.
You sighed, "Please call me _____."
Agni nodded, "Okay miss ____." 
You smiled kindly at him.
"miss. ____ why are you not sleeping?" 
You didn't answer right away as you thought of a reasonable lie but just went with the simple answer.
"I just couldn't sleep. So I'm going yo go see Sebastian."
Agni nodded and kept smiling.
"so you are ms. Butler?" He asked.
You blushed a deep red and cleared your throat. "I should be going now... Goodnight." 
You quickly retreated from the scene and almost ran down the hall. It was embarrassing to know that was why they called you that. How did they know? You got to Sebastian's door and knocked. you waited for a few seconds and opened the door. He wasn't there. He must be on a job for master Ciel. You sat down on the bed and waited for a good hour.
"where is he?" 
You finally got tired of waiting and went to young master's room and opened the door. Ciel wasn't there which meant they were out and something had definitely went wrong. you walked quietly over to the young masters desk and saw a letter from the queen that read;

Dear earl Phantomhive,
there have been children kidnapping all over England. We think it is somehow connected to the Noah's ark circus. I want you to go check it out and save those children.

You finished reading the letter and put it back.
"so that's where they are... Why wouldn't he tell me?"
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